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What to look for when comparing alternatives





Custom Domains
Block based editor with drag and drop
Hierarchical structure with drag and drop
Unified view for public and internal docs
Access to multiple workspaces with the same login
Full search for all documents
Built in diagrams
Docs for tech and non-tech users
Integration with task Management apps (Jira, Airtable, etc.)
Built it search analytics for team and customer queries

Archbee vs. our competitors

Documentation tools are not the same. See how Archbee stacks on against the competition.

What sets Archbee apart?


30+ custom blocks and out of box integrations

Using a generic knowledge base software leads to out-of-date content, limited use, and limited overall value. Our focus on essential features for software engineering, clean layout, and easy to use interfaces makes Archbee an easy alternative your team actually wants to use.


Tailored for developers and non-techies

We've built features that help your engineers thrive and document with pleasure. Architecture diagrams, Swagger, GraphQL, APIs, maps and more...


Searching for information?
Faster is better

So why consider Archbee?

Company knowledge is siloed, and documentation is not always up to date.

Tools are poorly integrated, and very few companies succeed in having a 360-degree view of what other teams are doing while maintaining the customer-facing docs.

This is not a good way to increase efficiency and have happy customers. But how do you solve such a puzzle?

Adding another tool to the existing stack is not always the best approach, but picking the right one might save you in the long run.

Archbee is built as a unified platform for technical documentation, internal wiki, and asynchronous collaboration - all in one app that just works. It is a Content Management System and hosting platform for product, developer, and API docs with intuitive internal or external access for teams or collaborators.

Our mission is to help companies with a strong product culture build their docs sites, and startups or small-medium businesses get started with their internal wiki to reduce knowledge churn.

Your organization needs both technical and non-technical team members to get up and running quickly!

The Archbee alternatives can be split into two categories:

  • Developer-focused product docs as a service: GitBook, Readme
  • Internal docs/wikis: Confluence, Notion

Comparing the features needs to be done independently for each organization because it is based on the primary category you need: you might want a wiki (even if you can share it publicly) or a docs site on a custom domain.

We focus on engineering people's needs with custom blocks for code insertion, built-in diagrams, API docs, Swagger, GraphQL, GitHub, Slack, and other integrations out of the box. At the same time, non-techies enjoy the seamless editing experience and blazingly fast WYSIWYG editor with collaborative features.

With Archbee, you can build a beautiful product documentation site and host it on your custom domain in 5-minutes. No need to integrate an open-source site generator or manage the hosting.

Whenever you're looking for a new tool, you're most likely going to compare a bunch before you decide. Here's a brief comparison of Archbee with four other apps. This article results from what I learned from users who considered Archbee when searching for a docs tool or internal wikis.

This is the same information I would use while talking with potential customers, so it might as well be in the open. Hopefully, it's something that will help you pick the right software for your organization.

Comparing pricing, features, and UX

Here are the features that you get with the base plan for each tool, the pricing, and how they compare to Archbee.

Archbee Growing Plan Gitbook Team Plan Readme Startup Plan Notion Team Plan Confluence Standard Plan
Monthly commitment $38/month/5 users $40/month/5 users $99/month/project/10 users $10/month/user $5/month/user
Anual commitment $360/year/5 users $384/year/5 users no annual commitment $96/year/user $250/year/5 user
Cost per additional user $5/month/user $8/month/user N/A $10/month/user $5/month/user
Main Features Unlimited collections Unlimited public spaces Markdown guides Unlimited pages and blocks Unlimited spaces and pages
Unlimited documents Unlimited private spaces Customized landing page Unlimited guests 20,000 user limit (per site)
Brand colors, logos
& custom links on shared collections
Basic customization and branding API changelog Unlimited file uploads 1 Site Instance
1 Custom domain Unlimited custom domains Discussion forum Version history - 30 days Macros
Share multiple collections
on the same domain
Public sharing and publishing Custom domain Real-time collaboration Structured page tree
Last 3 document version history Private sharing 5 API versions Link sharing Page versioning
Share collections via Archbee link Invite collaborators API explorer Collaborative workspace Page and space permissions
CDN & Image Optimization
on your custom domains
Generate invite links Customize the homepage 5 timeline views 250 GB file storage
Custom JavaScript & CSS Role-based permissions OAS 3 integration Permission groups Page insights
Uploads storage:
10GB + 1GB/user
Advanced editing capabilities Glossary Advanced permissions Domain verification & account capture
Access control per user Advanced collaboration Suggested edits API (beta) Complex Security & Compliance

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