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Features to get documentation done

Your product is only as good as your documentation. With developer documentation, user guides, APIs & SDKs in one place, your documentation becomes a growth asset.

Effortless content editing + collaboration

Everyone can use this editor.

A modern Markdown editor with powerful custom blocks.

Product docs writing shouldn't be complex. Archbee's editor redefines writing so you can focus on what matters: your users.

Use Markdown or custom blocks to review and collaborate directly from the doc.
20+ Custom Blocks
Each keystroke is a sub 15 millisecond process time.

One of the easiest as well, no training required. It's the fastest way build up your company's knowledge.

Use markdown shortcuts or just point and click to format for great readability.
Markdown Shortcuts and editing

Successful companies write documentation.

Writing product documentation is a team sport. Your teams product knowledge is your #1 asset.

Give your team the tools for easy document collaboration with inline comments.

This is knowledge management on steroids to help your team learn to communicate asynchronously.

This is how you build an efficient, resilient & remote-ready team.
Inline Comments
We went far beyond the basic editing experience.

Archbee is a complete documentation workspace for your team!

Link docs, mention people to keep knowledge up to date and close by.
Link Reference and Person Mentions

Build documentation portals more easily than ever

Publish any docs. Grow any business.

Publish to the web in two clicks or gate access to specific readers using the public access control options.

Access to your documentation is totally up to you.

Use a subdomain or a subfolder, and we will host the content on a 99.9% uptime, with fast CDNs and image optimization.
publish to custom domain

Say goodbye to the slow & clunky

Organize your documents in Spaces. These can be your departments, projects or groups of people.

Each Space is a tree structure with infinite opportunities to capture and store your knowledge.
Drag and Drop To Organize Content
Documents have a huge lifetime, and many people contribute.

With Archbee you get to see its history all the way back, highlight the changes and revert if the need arises.
Document revert and Infinite history
Keep the knowledge base private or make it public on your domain, but that's not all.

A plethora of access control settings can be set, for either your team or your customers.
Access Control for the Team

Learn what users are looking for

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
Complete visibility on every search query and feedback analytics for each document. Learn how often a query is searched for and how many documents appear in the search results. Get qualitative analytics like average score, number of upvotes, number of downvotes, and more.

Is Archbee the most complete product docs tools out there? You tell us.

Markdown shortcuts
Custom JavaScript and CSS
Dark Mode
Drag and drop to organize
Mention people and docs
Blazing fast search
Custom domain with
SSL certificates
30+ custom blocks
Share multiple spaces
on the same domain
25+ integrations
Password protected spaces
Guest accounts for spaces
Mermaid.js Diagrams
API docs with OpenAPI
and GraphQL
Infinite document history
Catch up to team updates
Organize docs in spaces
Ping team members
Document templates
Visitor authentication for public spaces
Emoji icons for docs
and spaces
Document stats
Share individual docs
or entire spaces
Automatic table of content
Keyboard shortcuts
Embed anything with iframe
Document Backlinks
Knowledge Graph
Slack Integration
Web & Desktop Apps

Explore how your team can use Archbee

Product Documentation

Build developer documentation, and user guides on the same platform that streamlines the product knowledge across departments.

Knowledge Base (public or private)

Build employee or customer self-service portals from a single tool where you cancollaborate, review and keep the docs up to date.

Contextual Documentation

Improve feature adoption by showing the relevant documentation when the user needs it. Open doc portals or single page on click.