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Archbee combines advanced documentation features and a company-wide collaborative workspace to manage product knowledge in a single documentation platform.
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Organize documentation with Archbee Spaces

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
With Archbee, you break up your documentation into separate Spaces (public or private). Each Space contains what you need to share product-related updates: user guides, public or private portals, API docs, in-app contextual documentation, and more.

How it's better: unlike traditional documentation tools where you have to constantly move things from internal to the public product knowledge base, Archbee keeps everything in one place - private and public. Product-related docs are always where you expect them.

User activation just got real

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
When you launch a product or have a new release, a lot needs to be done before the user learns about the feature. Need to publish a new guide? Work with your team to write it, preview the portal and publish. Want to move the documentation in-app? Set the Contextual Documentation widget, and the docs site will load in the app. Yes, you can add specific articles. Need to repeat content? Try Reusable Variables and Blocks to keep updating content easy.

How it's better: by centralizing your product knowledge, Archbee makes it easy to keep on top of updates that need to be shared with users, clients, or partners.

Where agile teams write and collaborate

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
Every Space includes the tools teams need to collaborate, write, review and publish great product docs: inline comments, reusable content, a modern block-based editor, document history, and versioning. You can integrate with third-party tools like Jira, Github, Google Docs, Figma, Airtable (and more) to keep everything product-related in one place.

How it's better: spreading product knowledge between several apps creates inefficiency. It's hard to keep up with everything; making onboarding clients and users challenging. Archbee eliminates all of those issues by combining everything you need in one documentation platform.

Keep documentation up-to-date

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
Publishing a new product guide doesn't tell you what the user finds helpful. That new feature might need to be rechecked for accuracy, users might want to send feedback your way, and you need to understand how they engage with the docs site. Document Verification, Feedback, and Search Analytics work alongside web analytics tools to show you exactly how users read your docs.

How it's better: Product documentation is not set, and forget it activity. Publishing more content does not tell you whether users are stuck. With Archbee's features for up-to-date documentation, you get the context you need to spot problems and make corrections.

When every day is a release day

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
Keep teammates, clients, users, and partners informed so that nothing falls through the cracks and everything runs smoothly. With Archbee, you can see both the big picture and the details.

Product Owners

Help your team build better product documentation, while you collaborate, review and share the details with the team to get it done.

Technical Writers

Archbee lets you easily add content, review it with the team and publish it. No more docs-as-code setups where each change needs to be a release.


Perfect for keeping your team aligned. From product to marketing and sales to sharing your product or new feature with your users and clients.

How it's better: most teams spend too much time and developer hours building docs-as-code setups, and these don't scale when more people need to contribute. Archbee gives you the tools to get everyone in the product loop without costly setups or technical challenges.

The only tool you need to create complete documentation

Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base
Archbee isn't just for publishing amazing product documentation websites - it's great for running your business too. Use the Spaces to build onboarding guides for developers, employee handbooks, or internal wikis. Archbee Spaces give your organization a way to collaborate on everything that falls outside of public product knowledge bases.

How it's better: By combining your company's internal knowledge and product documentation in one place, you can manage the full knowledge of your organization. One tool to learn. One place to check for product updates. No more constant switching between multiple tools.

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