Archbee April 2023 Product Updates

Try It! API calls, User Management improvements, Language change for API

Try It! API calls

You can now test your APIs directly for Archbee editor or directly from your published docs.

How it works:

1. Import your OpenAPI files (direct import or github sync)

2. Configure the API method with the test params

3. Hit the Try It! button

4. Check the response in the API response area

See more about this feature here.

User management improvements

With this new update you can easily manage users, groups, or new invites.

What's new:

1. Filter users by group, by clicking on the filter icon near Groups, in the header

2. Click on any Group from the list and Edit, Rename or Delete

3. Invite multiple users at once and directly assign them to desired groups

Language change for imported OpenAPI files

When you import an OpenAPI file, you will have 3 default languages assigned. This can be changed.

This can be changed by going to the root API folder, click on the 3 dots and select Sync OpenAPI from the menu. From the Language Examples tab you can customise the languages.

See more about this feature here.

Various Fixes & Improvements

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