Archbee December 2022 Product Updates

Draft docs, Hidden docs, Search improvements

December, last month of the year, was a busy period for our engineers. We worked on fixes, improvements, and new features, and we are excited to share the brief for what we launched in the last month.

1. New Features:

Draft documents - you can now mark a page as draft in a space. This means that you can keep your work in progress docs private. When you publish a space, Draft docs will not be published. A draft page will be marked with a Draft icon(see below):

If you want to know more about this feature, see:

2. Improvements:

Search - we completely redesigned the search. Both for internal and published documents. We improved the search experience by adding a new design functionalities.

3. Fixes:

We fixed a few minor bugs for different blocks that improved the experience in working with them.

2023 will be a year full of surprises here @ Archbee. We are planning new features, improvements to existing ones and new tools that will improve the writing experience.

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