Archbee February 2023 Product Updates

New editor, zapier integration, export space to markdown, logout from all devices, github integration

The Archbee team has worked on some pretty neat stuff this month!

Rolled out the new editor to everyone!

The new editor was released to all Archbee users. It brings a lot of cool new stuff, including performance, improved copy-paste from different sources, integration to Grammarly-like plugins, and more! And more improvements to come to the editing experience.

Zapier integration

Archbee is now integrated with Zapier, and you can include Archbee in your automated flows. See more about this here:

Export a whole Space to markdown

Until now you could export a single document or an entire organization to markdown. You can also export a single Space to markdown with the new update. See how to do it here:

Logout from all devices

For security reasons, you can now log out from all devices. You can do this from the profile page

Document revision history

We have improved the revision history, and now entries in the revisions list are compressed, allowing users to better identify changes and who made those changes. See more about this here:

Github integration - custom CSS can now be defined in separate files

You can now define your custom CSS in separate files in your repo, declare them, and we will import your custom CSS in Archbee. More about Github integration and custom CSS files here:

Changelog and Dynamic Links improvements

Changelog - you can now re-order items in a changelog with drag&drop item

Dynamic Links - You can now add a custom name to your Dynamic Link. Even if you rename your dynamic link, we will keep track of your referenced page so you can move it and rename it without impacting the link.

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