Archbee February 2024 Updates

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Space Groups, New AI model & pricing, Multiplayer (beta), OpenAPI improvements

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Space Groups

For teams with a large number of spaces, our new Space Group feature, allows you to better organize your content.

New AI model

We shipped a new AI model in production, welcome to OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo.

It is faster, cheaper and 100% of the price reduction on extra tokens is passed on to you.

ON TOP, we've doubled the number of included tokens on all plans/addons.

OpenAPI updates

We've shipped more OpenAPI spec rendering, and now the OpenAPI spec yaml can be downloaded from the docs.

Multiplayer (beta)

Multiplayer content creation graduates to beta from experimental. It is still a work in progress from our team, but now it can be safely enabled in your workspace settings here.

More updates...

  • Faster documentation? More reliable & resilient documentation sites? We got you with our new Cloudflare infra.
  • Improved rendering of generated sites & CMS
  • Bug fixes

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