Archbee January 2023 Product Updates

Editor V2, Freemium, Starter plan, Github integration, New markdown directives

The Archbee team started 2023 with great energy and positive vibes. We're ready to announce amazing things. Check them out below!

Editor V2

We have updated our core editor technology. The new editor brings an improved user experience and speed.

Highlights of V2:

- improved performance for all documents, and larger documents in particular
- improved compatibility on different browsers and OSes
- improved copy & paste from different sources
- improved integration to Grammarly-like plugins
- reduced download size by ~80% down to ~200kb
- improved infrastructure for our dev team to continue to improve the experience around the editor
- And more!

We will gradually roll it out, so stay tuned!


We introduce our new free STARTER plan. The new FREE plan allows users to write and publish documentation on their custom domains using the power of Archbee's editor. It's perfect for small teams with minimalistic documentation needs and is limited to 3 users and 3 spaces.

Github integration

We have improved our GitHub integration and we have added some cool new features:
- sync OpenAPI files from your GitHub repo
- sync Custom CSS code from your GitHub repo
- add code snippets(from your GitHub code base) in Archbee docs

See more about it here:

New markdown directives

Now you can define new Archbee blocks in markdown:
- CodeDrawer
- Changelog

See more info here:

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