Archbee January 2024 Updates

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Ask AI word streaming, Improved Reviews & Drafts, Improved Search, SCIM for SAML

Ask AI word streaming

Enjoy much faster AI QA. We started streaming from our backend LLMs, erasing 5-10 seconds of delay between when the question was asked and the answer started typing.

Improved Review System

Request reviews can now be sent specifically to any of the allowed team members.

Merge All Drafts

Save time by merging all the drafts in a space in one fell swoop. This is available right before publishing.

Improved Search UI

Our search function now looks for content in your Reusable Content Snippets as well. Disabling contributors in the public settings, disables it for the search UI as well.


Create, read, update and delete users in your workspace automatically with SCIM support for Okta, JumpCloud and more.

Across the board improvements

  • More reliable "Try It" in API docs
  • App Widget now supports deep linking with # anchors
  • Our Public API now supports search
  • Revised and improved UI

Stay tuned for more in February!

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