Archbee June 2024 Product Updates

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Chrome Extension V2, more external sources for AI, space group settings and more...

V2 of our Chrome Extension

Our Chome extension V2 now lets you instantly convert any webpage (or even a selection) to markdown. Move your existing documentation into Archbee from providers who don't agree to the industry standard, edit it with ease, and publish in a flash!

AI external sources

Your AI just got smarter! Now it can tap into more external sources like Gitbook, Confluence, Notion, YouTube, all that aside your existing content in Archbee. Get more comprehensive and relevant answers to all your user’s questions.

Space group settings

Say goodbye to tedious setting updates for each space in your group. We've introduced a dedicated settings section for your space groups. Now, you can sync all settings across your entire group, saving you precious time on large documentation sets.

Find your organisation

Based on your signup email domain, we can now detect if there's an organization waiting for you to join. Ask to join, get approved by admin, then start contributing to your team’s documentation.

More updates:

- GitHub multi-paths for monorepos
- Import zip files via API

- Disable email/pass login combo

- OpenAPI now showing deprecated fields

- OpenAPI now supports oneOf

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