Archbee March 2023 Product Updates

Archbee Chrome Extension, Zendesk Integration, Intercom Integration, Workflow block, API drag&drop

Archbee Chrome Extension - Create Step-by-Step Guides & SOPs

It is a powerful Chrome extension that is part of the documentation platform. Take advantage of the user-friendly interface, customization options, and collaboration features to save time and increase productivity.

It is free and perfect for:

✔️ Employee onboarding documentation
✔️ Internal procedures
✔️ Customer onboarding & offboarding - show customers how to do things fast
✔️ Software product guides and documentation
✔️ How-to's, guides, tutorials
✔️ Standard Operating Procedures
✔️ Process documentation
✔️ Training guides
✔️ Product updates
✔️ Walkthroughs
✔️ Playbooks
✔️ Quick answers to the "How do I…" questions

Available in Chrome Web Store here.

See how to use it here:

Zendesk integration

With the new Archbee - Zendesk integration you can now link an Archbee Space to your Zendesk account and include all Archbee pages/docs/articles in the Zendesk search. When you will search for something, you will get both Zendesk articles and Archbee article results in the search so you can easily share them with your customers.

See how to configure the integration here:

Intercom integration

The new Archbee - Intercom integration will allow you to easily search all Archbee articles/pages/docs directly from the Intercom chat or from the Intercom's Archbee app.

You can search and share Archbee articles with your customers, or you can send them directly via chat an Archbee search widget so they can search specific Archbee content/articles.

See more on how to set up the integration and how to use it here:

New block - Workflow

The new Workflow block is accessible by typing "/workflow". This new block acts like an improved list item, where you can add multiple numbered items, rearrange them, and delete any item, and the list will auto-number your items.

The Workflow block also supports any other block inside each element of your workflow.

An example of a Workflow is below:

New block menu

We updated our block menu: moved it to the left side, changed it to a horizontal display, and added a new action "Insert block above".

When opening a block menu, the whole block will be highlighted so you can easily identify it and move it around.

API plugin - drag & drop params

For the "/API endpoint" block, we are now supporting parameter rearranging. Just add your API params and click on the 3 vertical dots on the left side of the param box and drag them around.

Fixes & Improvements

Watch this webinar to dive into the recent product updates, showcasing new features, improvements, and fixes to enhance your documentation experience.

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