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External sources for AI Question Answering

Documentation is customer education.

But what else is customer education? Website resources, like your blog, case studies, your release notes, integration center and more.

With our latest feature, you can index & embed web resources that will contribute to the context of LLM-powered question answering.

How powerful is this? You tell us.

Improved landing page template

Your landing page is your first document quite often. However, our newly designed landing page might look even better for you — try it out!

Switch your org quickly

For people that are part of multiple organisations, it has become really quick to switch between the orgs.

Improved UI & UX on multiple orgs

We now make it crystal clear which org you are currently on, and what the subscription and billing settings are for each.

Publish using our API

Our new API call lets you publish your space, enabling deeper automation.

JWT Access Update

Use JSON Web key sets for authenticating your users, in addition to the existing JWT.

More updates...

  • CMS speed improvements
  • Improved realtime sync (still beta)
  • Bug fixes

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