Archbee May 2023 Product Updates

Search updates, Comments updates, Content Snippets, Multi-level drag&drop, Soc 2

Search updates

We delivered a few new improvements for the Search function:

1. Search fuzziness - a new algorithm that looks to find strings that match patterns approximately
2. Partial words - our search now works with partial words
3. Minimum number of characters - the search starts working from the first added character in the search box

Comments updates

We updated our comments system. When you are collaborating on a doc and you open a comment thread, you will now have the possibility of reopening the thread.

See more about it here:

Search Content Snippets

Now you can search within content snippets. If you have to manage large amounts of content snippets, this new feature will allow you to faster find and edit them.

OpenAI GPT Integration

Archbee is now integrated with OpenAI GPT. We dedicated a separate article to this new feature - read more about it here.

Multi-level Drag&Drop

A new feature that will increase productivity and faster block organisation.

You can now drag&drop blocks inside other blocks. Of course this will come with a few restrictions as not all blocks will be supported inside other blocks.

To use this, just drag&drop a block from it's left side handler (the vertical dots) inside another block.

To see multi-level drag&drop works and the list of supported blocks, check it here:

SOC 2 Type 2 certification

Archbee is now SOC 2 Type 2 certified. You can check the status here:

If you need the SOC 2 Type 2 report, just contact

Various Fixes & Improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

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