Archbee May 2024 Product Updates

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Two-way sync to GitHub, redesigned Chrome Extension, backup via API call, import OpenAPI history

Two-way sync to GitHub repositories

Our GitHub App v2 is here and it enables two-way sync to GitHub repositories!

Until now, you could write your content in GitHub. It would get synced to our platform automatically. Now it's possible to also edit & push content from Archbee to GitHub via Pull Requests, making the loop complete.

This enables less technical people to easily contribute to GitHub-backed content in Archbee. All of this without learning developer toolchains like git, npm and markdown and using command lines.

Redesigned Chrome Extension

We've redesigned our Chrome Extension. It now looks better and it's way easier to capture workflows from the web.

Backup your workspace via API call

A new endpoint in our Public API that enables your team to backup your entire workspace via a simple API call.

Import OpenAPI History

OpenAPI is a huge spec and sometimes conversions fail. We now allow you to see what went wrong with your imports and fix the spec files.

More updates...

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

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