Archbee New Integrations - Draw.Io & Math Equations(Tex, Katex, Latex) Integration, Math Equations (tex, katex, latex)

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You can now embed your ( work into Archbee.

Just type "/" inside the editor and select the embed block. Copy-paste your publish link in the Archbee block and click the "Add Embed" button.

To get the publish link:

1. Go to your design (
2. Select "File" from the upper left corner of the screen
3. Go to "Publish" -> "Link.."
4. A popup will appear, click Create and copy the generated link
5. Paste the above link in Archbee's block and hit the "Add Embed" button

Math equations (Tex, Katex, Latex)

You can now add math equations with the new Tex block. Just type "/Tex" and add the block in the editor.

With the Tex block, you can switch between Preview and Edit by clicking the blue button on top of the block: "Preview Tex" and "Edit Tex code".

Archbee uses the KaTeX library to render math equations, which supports a large subset of LaTeX functions. You can find more details about the Katex syntax below: - Katex website - functions supported - tables supported

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