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Archbee is a team & company wiki with a focus on engineering teams


We're thrilled to open general access to Archbee Wiki today. Here are a few words on what we've built, and why.

In the beginning, dev teams are small and fast.

They share knowledge a lot, mostly by chatting face to face or on Slack.

When they start growing, some teams stick to this habbit. This makes knowledge distributed and siloed, which decreases the team’s output in the long run, and also prevents the team from becoming remote friendly.

Some teams are aware of this problem and shift to sharing more through asynchronous channels.

They start using more code comments, Google Docs, team Slack channels, git wikis, but they soon realize this is not a good solution either.

Next, they try using tools like Confluence, Quip or Slite, which are great generic solutions for knowledge sharing.

Archbee is a solution to the this problem but does it in a highly specialized way for technical teams while still offering enough flexibility to be used company-wide.

Archbee will also provide a knowledge sharing workflow which we’re developing in partnership with early adopting companies.

We've studied many teams and their workflows, we've identified common use cases and coded them into our software's DNA. From our experience with the early adopters of our beta, when your team picks Archbee, you are likely to see upsides like increased team happiness, synergy, productivity.

What can you do to support our journey?

Create an account (, invite your teammates and start benefiting from using our FREE product.

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