End Of Summer Product Updates

Hosting on a subfolder, Organisation Settings

This summer has been busy for the engineering team. We worked on fixes, improvements, and new features, and we are excited to share the brief for what we launched in the past months.

New Features

Hosting documentation on a subfolder via Proxy Hosting: https://docs.archbee.com/hosting-spaces-on-a-sub-folder

Now you can add a team logo under Account Settings -> Organizations.


API Endpoint block improvements

  • now you can add object parameters in the API endpoint block
  • design improvements

Overall improvements of the editor, including:

  • how the import/export of Markdown files works
  • better markdown shortcuts that trigger while you type

We added a new emoji picker that triggers once you type colon+keyboard, so for example :hug

Tables got an update, and now you can resize the table headers.


  • saving the image size when sometimes it shows a different size at refresh
  • better shortcuts when it comes to international keyboard layouts
  • external links now work as expected in the provided template layout.

With autumn just around the corner, we are laying the path to the last quarter of 2022.

Subscribe to the changelog to get the new updates and if you want to provide product feedback, get in touch with us at support@archbee.com or check the https://roadmap.archbee.com/

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Product Updates