Massive August Product Update!

Multi product, Multi version, Doc sites, Stripey Template, Vertical split, Link blocks, Import from Gitbook, Import from Notion, Import multiple markdown

We took our time on this update. But it was worth it! Here are the Updates.

Collection Links: multi-product & multi-version product docs sites

Here's how it works in our documentation (hint, our docs is already using the feature).

Stripey template & our template system are out of beta

We've seen 30% of the entire product website population migrate to the new Stripey template. You can do so in the collection settings.

Vertical Split

A new block has been developed, you can now split the screen vertically. To use it, type (vs) in the editor.

Link blocks

You can now add link blocks, each being formattable and each can have an image attached to it. To use it type (lb) in the editor.

Import from GitBook

Yes, many people asked us.

Import from Notion

Yes, many people asked us.

Import multiple Markdown files

Drag and drop as many .md files as you'd like in the same box, we'll convert them and drop them neatly in an archbee collection.

UI Improvements

  • spacings, colors and more have been tightened all over the app;
  • new @ mentions indicators, different from external links indicators;
  • improved performance in the editor.

Lots more, but it's Sunday so I'm going to keep it short!

Happy documenting from the Archbee team!

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