May Product Update

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markdown shortcuts, certificate generation, faster loading times, embed integrations, iframes

In a nutshell, we've been hard at work improving our core tech, but we've also been able to sneak in a couple of nice to have features.

documents now load 7-10% faster;
we were able to shave 150 to 200 milliseconds off the realtime sync algorithm, making realtime collaboration better;
we've added more and better editor shortcuts (Markdown included); check the new shortcuts by hitting Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + /;
we've changed our CDN to AWS CloudFront, and setup better firewalls to our APIs to mitigate next Denial of Service attacks;
certificate generation for hosted docspaces on your domains now happens in maximum 1 hour since the DNS has propagated, and we also have lowered their regeneration rate to 2 months;
hosted docspaces are now 15% to 60% faster, as we were able to cache some of the content close to your customers; this will also improve your SEO;
UI improvements across the board: more consistent spacing and colors throughout the app; cross platform scrollbars;
better support for Safari and Firefox; there's still work to be done here, but we strive to be 100% cross-browser as ~15% of you don't use Chrome-based browsers;
better support on mobile browsers;
we've started doing automated phishing scans to prevent malicious use of our platform;
our embed integrations come out of beta and are now generally available;
iframe embeds and custom javascript are generally available but will stay in beta for a while longer;
docx import comes out of beta.

What's next?
workspace-level domains, share any amount of docspaces in an URL format like this:;
desktop app;
improved datatables that draw inspiration from AirTable;
continued core technology improvements;
many misc. features asked by you; thank you for your great ideas in the Feature Wishlist, we watch them closely and many of them will get implemented.

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