MONSTER Release!

Code drawers, 3 column layout, versions, localisation

We've done it. Today we ship some of the hardest features we've ever shipped, with the best team we've ever had.

1. Code Drawers

2. 3-Column layout

This new layout automatically appears when blocks like `API Endpoint`, `OpenAPI` and the new `Code Drawer` are available in the document.

It's a new way to present annotated API information so that your users are taken to the exact context they need to be in as to understand how to use your API.

The view is also available in public documentation.

3. A new version workflow + language localization

Previously creating versions was a hassle and little understood. We've made it better.

Now you can choose where to start the new version from and label each version accordingly.

On top, we've made it possible to create language translations, every element of the UI being translated on top of the content that you'll create. We support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian at the moment and adding more as we see more usecases from you our customers.

The new versions also show in a neat new way when editing the content, in the left navbar.

4. Tens of design and UX features improvements to keep your documentation workflow going — and we're bringing more.

Hoping to get your feedback and stay tuned for next releases!

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