🇺🇦 New Publish Workflow, Spaces And More 🇺🇦

Preview, Spaces, Organisations, Code editor, Markdown converter, UI UX improvements

Some changes we've made to allow a better user experience.

1. Staging becomes Preview

Our Staging environment has been renamed to Preview environment and is now publishable — just as the Production environment. Now everybody can preview their documentation sites BEFORE setting their domains — a huge time saver.

On top of that, the Preview environment is now authenticated by default for users already authenticated in Archbee. This makes it possible to create your documentation site privately and make it public only when it's ready, and you've configured it for Production.

2. Collections become Spaces

For many people `Collection` does not reflect what we mean.

Now Spaces, collections were meant to be the first layer of document organization. Spaces sound more familiar from similar software that's focused on internal documentation.


  • Documents are organized into Spaces;
  • Spaces are organized into Sites (which we'll introduce shortly).

3. Workspaces become Orgs

Our Workspaces feature allows you to use a single login to be in the context of multiple companies, negating the need to re-login with another account.

This is great. However, many users get confused by the concept, buy a subscription and assume it's for all Workspaces they create. Each workspace has its own subscription because what we really mean by workspaces is "organization".

We considered a switch to "Teams" but we realized it could also mean that there are separate teams in an organization. So we're making this semantic change to reflect that.

4. Code Editors Update

All code editors have been updated to allow multiple tabs using the same language, drag and drop to reorganize tabs, and performance improvements.

5. Better Markdown converters

We've made a bunch of modifications to our Markdown converters and now they catch more of our custom blocks, that were previously hard to translate to markdown. For example, our Link Blocks and Tabs now translate to a custom Markdown directive, that we understand and other software can easily be made to understand.

6. Removing favorite collections (now spaces)

The favorite collections (now spaces) feature has been removed, for various complicated reasons. You can still drag and drop spaces to organize them as you see fit, potentially putting spaces you care more about at the top of your list.

7. Lots of UI changes and improvements

We've reorganized many things around the UI to build a better user experience.

Cheers from the fearless Archbee team, meaning is not afraid to deploy to prod on Fridays or any other day 💪

At least that we can do to feel 0.1% as brave as Ukraine people.

#WeAreWithUkraine 🇺🇦

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