Archbee October 2023 Product Updates

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Review System, Doc-level Write Assist, Better GitHub integration

The month of October brings many updates & improvements, in addition to newly released features...

Our Review System is here

Our newly released Review System enables a more process-based collaboration between team members.

Editors & reviewers can now be set in the Team Access Control tab of every Space when the Review System is on. It's a feature available at the space level so that some spaces can be kept freely collaborative.

When the Review System is on, documents can only be modified through a Draft, which then needs to be reviewed & approved before Merging it back into the original Doc.

With this feature we're also enabling reviewing multiple changes done to content and settings at the space level before publishing.

Doc-level Write Assist

Our Write Assist function is now available at the Document level in addition to the previously launched one at the Block level within documents.

Redesigned & improved organization settings page

It's a fresh approach to the configuration settings making it easier for Workspace Admins to administer users, groups, integrations, AI, and subscriptions.

Contextual Widget improvements

The contextual documentation widget you can fire up in your own app so users don't have to leave your app... now supports all our authentication options, including private links & JWT.

Improved OpenAPI spec support with multi response

We're getting closer to covering the entire OpenAPI spec with multi endpoint, multi response support.

GitHub integration improvements

You can now choose to include more of your GitHub repo files with support for glob expressions.

This is helpful to include with our previously launched Shadow Docs function, as the code in your repo will provide better context for AI Question Answering.

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