Archbee September 2023 Product Update

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Better answers with Shadow Docs, AI Q&A Analytics and more in our latest product update.

We have been cooking some new features & improvements... let's begin.

Better answers with Shadow Docs

In the context of AI Q&A, your documentation becomes the ground truth for all the answers your users get.

The docs still live in the background for your users to browse...

Although it's reasonable to believe that the browsable documentation will disappear completely in the future, and you'll be left with just a GenAI-powered Q&A box.

But we provide you with a way to do that partially right now.

We call it shadow documentation.

You mark a folder of your documentation as shadow docs, and we keep indexing it for embeddings but don't show it in the UI.

Then, end-users ask questions, and the shadow docs get supplied to the LLM for correct and instant answers.

AI Q&A analytics

Analyze user Q&A sessions and adjust the documentation to provide LLMs even better context for better answers. Instantly scale with accurate responses.

Keep documentation secure with Private Shareable Links

A new feature within our already extensive sharing options — we now enable you to create shareable links that can be later removed after they've served their purpose.

Better search XP with breadcrumbs & open docs in new tab

For more documentation where multiple products are linked, we now enable you to see where the search items come from, and also open them in new tabs with Cmd (or Ctrl) + Click.

Our new and improved Portal Showcase

Get inspired by the best-looking documentation portals built with Archbee and build your own. We have hand-picked some of the best to show the power of our platform in terms of customizability and security.

Free document conversion service

Some documentation software providers make it hard for you to move somewhere else. Not because they are not letting you export, but because they only export in non-industry standard formats that very few tools can import well.

We're fixing this with our Free Pandoc-powered conversion service to enable anybody to convert to Markdown. Then most tools know how to import it. Hurray!

Check it here if you need some conversions.

Improved markdown imports

We've made our imports much better. If you need to import from Readme or Nuclino, we detect all properties available in the markdown, including the URL-slug, meta descriptions, meta images and more.


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