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How to install Archbee bot for Slack and use it for your team.

This is the documentation for our bot v1 for Slack, we are currently getting version 2 approved for the Slack marketplace.
The documentation for v2:

Install our bot for Slack to get notified of your team's activity, and find knowledge easily using commands.

Installing Slack integration

  1. Create your Archbee account here
  2. Create a channel for Archbee into your Slack workspace;
  3. On the same page click on Bot for Slack;
  4. On Slack's Auth page select the channel you previously created;
  5. Click Authorize.

Now Archbee bot is ready to use with Slack!

How does it work?

Team events like: inviting new members, sharing documents, moving documents, archiving documents, publicly sharing documents will now be shared on the channel you created.

You can also use the /archbee [keywords] command to deep search your knowledge base. You should receive a list of documents you can read to find the knowledge you're looking for.

You can also ask questions in natural language: /archbee ai [question], and we will use an LLM (Azure OpenAI) that has the context of your documentation to give you an actual answer.

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