Archbee raises $3M to rethink documentation

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We’re on a mission to deliver a product documentation platform for technical teams, both for internal and customer-facing use cases.

I’m very excited to announce that following our graduation from YC’s S21 batch, we have raised a $2M seed round led by Global Founders Capital and Credo Ventures. The round comes only a few months after Inovo Venture Partners led our $1M pre-seed round.

At Archbee, we’re big believers in the power of asynchronous communication. When most people hear that term, they immediately think of messaging tools like Slack or workspace tools like Confluence, Notion, Microsoft Loop, or even Google Docs. These tools are essential to keeping teams running smoothly and offer a ton of features to help them organize their work better.

For developers (and really anybody in the product world), the picture is a bit different. Limiting async tooling to the world of internal knowledge leaves out the most important group of all: customers. Creating meaningful customer experiences typically starts with having good product documentation – everything from onboarding guides to API references – meaning docs are among the most mission-critical pieces of async communication a business relies on. Bad or unexisting product docs lead to poor activation of customers. And the more technical the product, the more important this documentation typically is.

While there are tools to make creating this customer-facing documentation easier, they struggle to deliver the usability and speed modern teams expect. More importantly, they also largely ignore the technical communities that make up their primary user base and instead focus on delivering a set of generalist features.

This is where Archbee comes in. We’re on a mission to deliver the #1 documentation tool for technical teams, both for internal and customer-facing use cases. Archbee provides all the features you need to make and host awesome product docs that customers and developers will love. Given our mission, we’ve paid special attention to technical features and offer things like native technical diagrams, automated conversion of OpenAPI spec to a beautiful UI, GraphQL APIs, changelogs, and much more. While Archbee is great for customer-facing product docs, our blazingly fast editor can also be used in a more general way for internal usage.

But we aren’t stopping there…

As we get better and better at delivering a top-notch product to our users and listening to their feedback, we are seeing an opportunity to fundamentally improve the documentation process. This means making Archbee not only your #1 choice for creating and editing docs, but also a tool that ensures these docs stay relevant by (i) keeping them up to date with the code and product components they reference and (ii) allowing you to design documentation workflows tailored to your team’s setup and existing tooling. We see a world in which Archbee can be a modern command center for any kind of technical writing, and with this latest fundraising we are well on our way to getting there.

Thank you to our wonderful team (Claudiu, Petre, Daniel, and George) for believing in the mission and working incredibly hard to deliver a product we are all proud of.

Thank you to our investors (GFC, Credo, Inovo, and YC) and our wonderful business angels for supporting us and pushing us to dream big.

And finally, thank you to our customers for the trust and amazing feedback we’ve received to date. We’re looking forward to watching you grow with us :)

👋 Dragos

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