Why keep a changelog?

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How a changelog helps with building your product and your company

We keep working hard to present a great product to our users. Since our launch, we've released plenty of new features that will make a difference for our users and make our product better. But releasing new features is only half the story. We have to notify our users about the recent product updates to be fully aware of all Archbee features.

At this point, to fill the communication medium between our users and us, we decided to keep a changelog. It helps us to notify users about changes, improvements that we made. It is a very basic but effective way to communicate with users.

The main point of keeping a changelog for the Archbee is to keep a history of product changes that we made. All updates and improvements that we made are listed historically so that any user can see Archbee's progress and evolution. It's one of the best ways to inform users about what is new in our product.

Besides this main point, there are also a few more points that we solve with the changelog.

Increase feature awareness

Since our launch in June 2019, we’ve released tons of new features, made many improvements, and fixed so many bugs. In most cases, users are not aware of these changes. That’s not what we want to happen since we do a lot of work to improve our product and create value. We want users to be aware of these improvements. Keeping a changelog helps us to deliver the value that we create for the users. As we release a new feature, we publish an informative post about it to inform users about the feature. The changelog service that we use offers an eye-catching in-app widget, which helps us display product announcements inside our web application.

Build trust

Building customer trust is a worthy goal for any business. It is one of the motivators that drive any visitor to become a customer. Even if your product has all features that visitors need, they also want to be sure that the product is not dropped. No one would invest their time and buy a product, which they don’t trust. People don’t buy features; they buy trust and relationships. Keeping a changelog helps us to maintain trust by showing our product progress.

Collect feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial and fundamental element of sustainable product improvement. Collecting feedback is very tough since no one likes to participate in boring product surveys. The changelog service that we use has an cool feature that lets our users leave feedback right inside our changelog. It’s a great way to discover what your customers need and improve your product in that direction.

Changelog, product updates page, release notes, whatever you call it. Mostly it’s been underestimated, but as you see in our case, it has many benefits and is very important. If you like to create your own changelog, we recommend AnnounceKit. It offers beautifully designed newsfeed powered with in-app notification widgets, email notifications, and feedback collection.

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