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Say hi to Archbee: a fast documentation tool, easy to setup and manage, with continuous feature updates and great pricing! A wiki software for your team and company.
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Team & Company Wiki Software IN ONE PLACE 


Async communication
for the win!

COVID-19 has taught us that chat and video are a productivity bottleneck. And a happiness drain.

Archbee helps your team communicate asynchronously. This makes you effective and remote-ready.
Async Communication with inline comments

Reduce customer queries

Provide your customers the answers they need NOW!
See live documentation
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We Care About Developer Experience

Git Wikis are not enough

Most knowledge bases promise one place for all your company's knowledge. But only Archbee will help your developers and tech people contribute.

How? API docs, diagrams, changelogs, markdown and many other features will help your team have one true unified KB!
API documentation for developers

Effortless content editing + collaboration

Knowledge is not just formatted text. Some concepts are better explained through specific blocks.

Unlock your team's expressive capabilities with: list, checklist, table, callout, minitask, file, image, video, map, multilanguage code editor, diagram, Mermaid.js, api endpoint, Swagger/Open API, GraphQL, changelog, HTML iframe
20+ Custom Blocks
Easy document collaboration with inline comments.

This is knowledge management on steroids to help your team learn to communicate asynchronously.

This is how you build an efficient, resilient & remote-ready team.
Inline Comments
We went far beyond the basic editing experience.

Archbee is a complete documentation workspace for your team!

Link docs, mention people to keep knowledge up to date and close by.
Link Reference and Person Mentions
Each keystroke is a sub 15 millisecond process time.

One of the easiest as well, no training required. It's the fastest way build up your company's knowledge.

Use markdown shortcuts or just point and click to format for great readability.
Markdown Shortcuts and editing

Say goodbye to the slow & clunky

Organize your documents in Spaces. These can be your departments, projects or groups of people.

Each Space is a tree structure with infinite opportunities to capture and store your knowledge.
Drag and Drop To Organize Content
Keep information at your fingertips with Archbee's custom algorithm for search.

See what your customers & team are looking for and write the content.

That's an amazing way to know—not guess—what to write.
Flexible and Powerful Docs Search
Documents have a huge lifetime, and many people contribute.

With Archbee you get to see its history all the way back, highlight the changes and revert if the need arises.
Document revert and Infinite history
Keep the knowledge base private or make it public on your domain, but that's not all.

A plethora of access control settings can be set, for either your team or your customers.
Access Control for the Team
Knowledge management is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Keep information linked so people can quickly read through all your workspace.

Great for onboarding, great for building a great team.
Knowledge Graph
"We needed to create technical documentation and were looking for a fast, and easy to use platform"
Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at
"Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable and I'm a developer, so you know that's saying something"
Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director
"Once we started scaling, things got tough and we needed a modern solution for knowledge documentation"
Alex Circei, Founder & CEO
"The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a team wiki"
Delphine Marceau, Head of Customer Care

No documentation platform
should be an island.

We pack a punch, but we also integrate with 25+ other popular software

Archbee vs. Confluence: What's right for me?

Great question! We think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest answer:

Both platforms allow you to write and publish documentation. Confluence is the OG of knowledge base tools. Where Archbee compares with Confluence is at the user experience, editing experience, and new feature velocity.

Confluences has the Atlassian Marketplace, where you can find a plethora of apps and integrations. The downside is that you will need to pay for some of them. So the starting price of $5/month/user might not scale well if you are using various integrations.

For example, Draw.io has a cost attached to it, while Archbee has built-in diagrams and integrations with Draw.io and Lucidchart that come out of the box.

Archbee has a Github App integration built-in, and you can import markdown content from a repository. This makes Archbee part of the developer workflow.

So if your developers document what they work on in a README.md file in a Github repository, you can import it into a collection.

Because the markdown extensions need to be added with a different app from the Atlassian Marketplace, Confluence, it's somewhat outside the developer workflow.

Confluence is great for project managers, but the ones that need to write the documentation are developers and/or technical writers, so you need to balance how necessary documentation is for your organization.

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