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Streamline your onboarding and training process

Archbee eliminates the chaos of onboarding and training at scale.

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Get up to speed quickly

Archbee helps new hires get up to speed quickly with proper training, reducing the risk of mistakes and delays from day one.

Tailored onboarding and training

Clear and accessible documentation helps teams and customers improve engagement, productivity, and retention.

Remote teams onboarding

Onboarding and training can be particularly challenging for remote teams. Help remote teams work together effectively and efficiently.

Less chaos, more productivity

Employee onboarding
Ensure new employees hit the ground running so teams can deliver high-velocity, high-quality work that sets them apart.
Customer onboarding
Say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious processes. Provide self-service onboarding portals for customers.

Centralized team wiki

Archbee provides a centralized, searchable platform for all onboarding and training materials, making it easy to find the information quickly and efficiently.

Customizable templates and branding

Archbee platform allows businesses to create a tailored onboarding and training experience that aligns with their brand and culture.

Easy to update and distribute

Empower employees to create engaging and effective onboarding and training materials that are easy to update and distribute.

Adaptable and flexible onboarding

Archbee is designed to grow and evolve with businesses of all sizes and industries, making it a long-term investment for onboarding and training.

"Like many, we originally built our own documentation portal in house. But as our team grew, it became a huge headache. With Archbee, everyone (even non-technicals) can create, update and share documentation with users or developers. It's like Notion — but purpose built for technical docs."
Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at
"Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable and I'm a developer at core, so you know that's saying something. We use Archbee to create and share private documentation with a multitude of our clients in the DTC world."
Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director
"Once we started scaling our team, documentation became very important. Our markdown-based solution in GitHub couldn't be handled by newer non-technical team members so we were looking for a modern solution for knowledge documentation. We found Archbee and we're super happy with its development."
Alex Circei, Founder & CEO
"The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a modern documentation platform built for teams that build software. We can build any type of documentation, from user guides to developer API references and sharing it couldn't be easier. Just hit publish!"
Delphine Marceau, Head of Customer Care

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