What We Added, Improved Or Fixed In The Past 12 Months

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This roundup highlights the most noteworthy features and updates in the past 12 months. We have been adding and improving existing features, and it's time to share what we shipped in the past year. Let's break it down.

Writing experience updates

Reusable content

  1. Content Variables - https://docs.archbee.com/reusable-variables
  2. Content Snippets - https://docs.archbee.com/content-snippets

New custom blocks

  1. Expandable Heading - https://docs.archbee.com/expandable-headings
  2. Vertical Split
  3. Link block
  4. Code Drawer - https://docs.archbee.com/code-drawers
  5. Button block

Improvements on existing custom blocks

  1. API endpoint
  2. Table improvements - resize columns
  3. Code Editor
  4. Insert images in lists
  5. Improve styling for the SwaggerUI block
  6. Dark-mode image support

Other writing improvements

  1. FontAwesome - add inline icons or change the icon of documents or Spaces.
  2. Emoji library and new shortcuts
  3. Support for international keyboard layout
  4. Drag and drop and contextual options for blocks
  5. Better markdown support - replace markdown shortcuts as you type
  6. Select anchor from @dynamic links - open a document to a section

New publishing workflow

New publish workflow

  1. Preview and production environments
  2. Publish Spaces with icons

Appearance Settings

  1. New template designs
  1. Stripey template
  2. Booklet template
  3. Colored Nav template

Content layout settings

  1. one column
  2. two columns
  3. Logo Redirect URL
  4. Control over the document info on published pages

New home page template: Provided Template

Public Access Control: Authenticate customers with Magic links - https://docs.archbee.com/authentication-options#ZOP-e

Hosted Spaces New Features

  1. i18n support - https://docs.archbee.com/localization
  2. Space links and Version links - https://docs.archbee.com/version-links
  3. Host spaces on a subfolder - https://docs.archbee.com/hosting-spaces-on-a-sub-folder
  4. Better SEO meta controls with redirects
  5. Accessibility improvements for the published Spaces
  6. Contextual Documentation Widget - https://docs.archbee.com/contextual-documentation-widget
  7. PDF export - https://docs.archbee.com/export-to-pdf

Collaboration experience

  1. Document verification - https://docs.archbee.com/document-verifications
  2. In-app navigation, spacing, colors, and more have been tightened all over the app
  3. Use emojis in the thread comments
  4. Upload Logo for the Organization
  5. Feedback analytics - https://docs.archbee.com/feedback-analytics


  1. Released the Public API - https://docs.archbee.com/get-document
  2. Microsoft Active Directory SSO
  3. SAML - https://docs.archbee.com/google-setup
  4. GitHub integration - https://docs.archbee.com/github
  5. OpenAPI import & sync - https://docs.archbee.com/importing-openapi-swagger-spec-files
  6. Postman Collection
  7. Jira Integration


  1. Platform and infrastructure improvements
  2. Delete an organization
  3. More control over the trial experience with swap Trial and auto extend the trial for 7 days
  4. Dark/Light mode based on the system preferences.

What to do next?

Go to our roadmap and add your suggestions.

Reach out to support@archbee.com or read the full article on our blog.

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