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"I'm using it instead of Google Docs - beautiful and simple layout & UI - super fast - cool integrations - share docs on own domain with or without password - founder is brilliant coder and super helpful"
- Ivan K.
"It has been very comparable to Notion as far as I have been using it. Many of my works require diagrams and it has a mermaid editor (to produce state diagrams, gantt charts, etc...)"
- Adil A.
"In a nutshell, Archbee helps keep my SOPs & Notes organized and in one place. I love the permission aspects & that I can invite team-members to View/Edit certain collections & lock them out of others"
- Shlomo Z.
"I have used it with my small team to create our coding standards, and explain why we did certain things the way we did. I can create easy to use documentations on the fly, and can always edit them if need to"
- Oguzhan G.

"It does what it says, perfect place to create your internal knowledge base or company wiki. I'm not a software company, but I'm using it anyway as my ecommerce business knowledge base for almost a year"
- Oskar B.
"This tool is not trying to solve all of your issues, if you need centralised documentation hub, if you need to store documents in one place and if you need to onboard client and team members this is the right tool to choose"
- Goran M.
"It is quick, and you can set a personal or work wiki with ease, incorporating images, code, diagram and almost anything you can imagine"
- Ivan C.
"Solves a problem every company director has. It's very simple to use, yet has all the functionality we need"
- John H.
"Well coded software for you knowledge base and documentation, easily scalable and convenient to use"
- Raymond C.
"Archbee is perfect for project collaboration. Due to the Wikipedia-like structure projects can be perfectly structured and documented"
- Matthias R.
"Saving time and money through effective collaboration on internal and public docs. The team collaboration features are top-notch. The UI is very clean and charming for the eye"
- Ramon H.
"The biggest differentiator with Gitbook is that here you don't have to install anything to get all these cool libraries. It's the perfect Knowledge base tool for me"
- Armand M.
"Archbee holds all our of documentation/wiki content, it's simple and effective with a powerful search utility. Simple to use and requires little to no onboarding"
- Reece C.
"Keyboard shortcuts make the marking up of documents pretty quick - and the shortcut list is easily available to help speed up your workflow"
- Jeff W.
"I like the enhancements recently completed. the UI is much more polished and works fluently. Its easy to use and handles all our documentation requirements"
- David I.
"We are migrating from 3 different wiki's and legacy knowledge bases that we where populating during the last 5 years to a One4All solution. Lightning fast in comparison to Confluence"
- Daniel G.
"I really like it so far. The fact that I can embed custom code is a game changer and takes documentation to another level"
- Fred V.
"The simplicity on getting started is what I like best about Archbee, the ease of creating your documents in your own styles is just fenomenal"
- Pieter H.
"We were looking for a tool to help us document and organize our SOPs for internal use. Archbee has fit the bill perfectly"
- Ron J.
"The platform is fast and easy to use. There are many features built in that give good 'quality of life' while using it"
- Rhys L.
"Very easy-to-use that it doesn't require a bunch of tutorials or videos to learn how to use. Leaders of different teams jumped in and immediately used the wiki"
- Francesca S.
"It is extremely powerful and versatile. You can use it as a note taking app, wiki resource center or whatever you want. And it is super fast and effective"
- Luis P.

"Ease of use and simple to setup everything. It's intuitive as well"
- Benjamin L.
"The tool is really fast. If you get a hang of it you can create almost anything with keyboard shortcuts"
- Peter K.

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