15 Inspirational Welcome Messages for Your New Employees

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We have gathered 15 inspirational welcome-to-the-team messages that will impress your new hires and make them feel like a part of the team from day one.

New employees are often apprehensive about stepping into a new role in an unfamiliar environment where they probably don’t know anybody.

That is why it is of uttermost importance to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated from their first day.

And what better way to do that than sending them a warm welcome message telling them you are delighted to have them on board?

To help you with the employee onboarding process and to make their first contact with new employees easier, we have gathered 15 inspirational welcome-to-the-team messages that will impress your new hires and make them feel like a part of the team from day one.

A Formal Welcome Message

If you want to send your new employees a strictly professional welcome message, you can always opt for the one that is simple in design and formal in copy.

As you can see from the example below, even just a few lines where you share your elation that they joined the company will make their first day an exciting experience.

Example of a formal welcome message by SINC
Source: SINC

The message is written in a positive tone, with an emphasis on showing the new hire that you are pleased to have them on board and confident that they will be a great addition to the team.

The message also conveys information about the documents they must complete and offers them help if they have any questions.

One thing is for sure–with a well-written welcome message like that, your new employees will feel more confident and motivated to start working for you from the first day.

A Friendly Welcome Message

Of course, if you don’t want to be too formal, you can always spice things up by sending your new employees a more casual and friendly welcome message.

In addition to a warm tone and copy, emails such as this can contain emojis, gifs, and even photos from the last team building event.

The following example is a fantastic illustration of writing a friendly email to welcome your new employees to the company.

Example of a friendly welcome message by Josh Loe
Source: Josh Loe

By putting yourself in the new employee’s shoes and acknowledging that starting a new job can be stressful, you are helping your new employee relax on their first day in the office.

By referring the recruit to the motivational blog posts written by other employees, instead of often tedious corporate documents, you can make them enthusiastic about the job from the get-go.

You are basically conveying the message that you value people first and foremost, and that there will be a lot of time to deal with formalities later. And that is sure to leave the new employees with a great first impression.

A Welcome Message From the Manager

Starting a new position can be an overwhelming experience for new employees.

A welcome message from their superior can significantly reduce their first-day anxiety. In the following example, you will discover how you can use such a message to make them feel more comfortable from the start.

Example of a welcome message from the manager by The Balance Careers
Source: The Balance Careers

The manager welcomes the new employee to the team, mentions the start date, and briefly describes what goes on on the first day.

Then, she schedules meetings with the HR department and other coworkers for the newcomer, outlines the dress code as “casual” so that they don’t have to worry about their outfit, and further invites the new employee to join other team members over lunch in a more informal environment.

The great thing about letters like this is that the manager can send them in advance and give the new employees a glimpse of what they can expect on their first day.

As they will see that their superior has already prepared everything for their arrival, they can start their new position far more relaxed and stress-free.

The “Welcome to the Team” Messages

No one is more qualified to make the new employee feel warmly received than the other team members.

After all, they are the ones who will be working closely with the newest addition to the team.

Just how far this kind of message can go when it comes to offering an exciting start to the recruit comes across clearly in the example below.

The “Welcome to the Team” Messages by Snacknation
Source: Snacknation

As all the team members are listed in the CC, the new employees get the feeling as they’re already part of the team.

This message is not just brimming with enthusiasm, but it is also quite informative for the new employee about to step into the unknown.

To get to know other team members, the new hire has been given a cheat sheet with brief information about other employees and an invite to participate in quizzes from Quizbreaker.

When they are welcomed in such a way, the new employees will instantly feel emotionally invested in joining the team. And we are sure they will be pretty excited to start as soon as possible.

A Message That Encourages Growth

To welcome your new hires to the company, you can also send them messages that encourage positive thinking and a goal-oriented mindset.

The message that greets Apple employees on their first day is a perfect example of that.

Example of a message that encourages growth by Apple
Source: Cult of Mac

As you can see, the message doesn’t list tasks and assignments to be completed on the first day. It speaks more of the company’s values and principles, encouraging professional growth from the get-go.

Highlighting that they don’t expect new hires to play it safe, but to embrace risk, Apple is basically raising the bar for new employees and telling them they’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They speak to the newcomers’ intrinsic motivation, that inner drive to be better and strive for excellence.

With an encouraging message like this, you can pass on your principles to the new employees from the beginning, motivating them to develop skills and beliefs that will enable them to be successful in your company.

A Welcome Message From the CEO

The greeting message from the CEO carries particular weight. After all, the CEO is the key figure in the company.

You can send a message like this in an email or include it in your company’s personalized employee handbook, as in the example from Bananatag.

Example of a welcome message from the CEO by Bananatag
Source: Bananatag

Besides welcoming new employees to the company, in this letter, the CEO, who is also a co-founder, shares his insider thoughts about how the company came to life, what was the idea behind it, and how it helps clients today to solve their email marketing problems.

In this genuinely personal and warm note, the CEO further explains why every new employee is essential for the company's development and how they can contribute to its success.

A welcome message like this can indeed be a game-changer when it comes to conveying expectations to the new hire and sharing the company’s culture and values with them.

A “Thank You for Joining Us” Message

With a message like this, you are basically welcoming your fresh recruits and sending them the message you are looking forward to seeing them join and contribute to the team.

A welcome message doesn’t necessarily have to be long and detailed. You can be brief and personal, and still get the right impact.

Example of a “thank you for joining us” message by Canva
Source: Typlelane

You can get the whole team, as well as the manager, CEO, or HR representative to sign it, or you can send it unsigned as it is. You can write it in the form of a note, an email, or even a card.

You can even accompany it with a company’s swag and hand it to the new employee on their first day, as you can see in the example from Canva above.

Greeting cards and hand-written notes are universally loved. There’s no reason not to use them in a professional setting as well.

A Welcome Message for New Employees From HR

As the welcome message from HR usually covers a lot of technical details, it will give the new hires a sense of security that they’re in capable hands as they start their new job.

The template from Workable shows us how you can write this kind of message, so that it’s not only informative, but also very friendly.

Example of a welcome message for new employees from HR by Workable
Source: Workable

The template includes all the information that you expect from HR. First, it instructs about the date of their first day and the location of the HR office.

Further, the message informs the new hire of their schedule. They will have to sign papers, meet the team manager, get acquainted with policies, and there is also a link to the employee handbook.

In messages like this, you can also give the new employee an overview of the perks and benefits, outline what documents they have to bring, and highlight other things necessary for them to start working.

A message from HR can really make a difference when it comes to starting on the right foot and can be a great addition to other greeting emails that you send to your new employees.

A Message With an Inspirational Quote

The best way to add a touch of inspiration to your welcome message is to use the power of quotes.

Quotes can be a wonderful way to use other people’s beautifully written words to get your new employees excited about their new journey in your company.

Example of a message with an inspirational quote by Archbee
Source: Archbee

For example, you can use this quote from Simon Sinek, or any other profound words that you think will be motivational for your new employees.

Also, inspirational quotes can give your new employees an idea of the core principles you want them to follow in their everyday work.

For example, suppose you incorporate the quote mentioned above into your welcome message. In that case, you are basically saying that you expect them to be proactive and not be afraid of starting something new.

Quotes can genuinely be a brilliant way to add excitement to your welcome message. And the great thing about it is that there is a treasure trove of epic quotes out there from which you can draw inspiration.

A Welcome Message on Social Media

If you want your new employees to feel super special on their first day, you can welcome them by announcing to the world that you have a new talent in the team.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other preferred social network for that purpose.

As communication on social media is less formal than in an email or official company letter, you can get as creative as you like.

For instance, you can use the pictures of the new employees, share fun facts about their interests and hobbies, or outline their biggest accomplishments.

Example of a welcome message on social media by Velox Media
Source: Everyonesocial

Plus, by welcoming your new employee on social media, you will open the door for comments, congratulations, and welcome wishes not only to the team members but also to friends, family, and other followers who will see the post. This will have the added benefit of extending your company’s reach.

One thing is for sure, a thoughtfully crafted and witty message on social media will help your new team member feel super welcome and excited to work for your company from day one.

A “Welcome Aboard” Message on a Company’s Internal Feed

Internal feeds can be an excellent way to engage with your staff, but you can also use them to announce the arrival of a new team member.

You can use a standardized copy as a template, or you can, which is preferable, customize your message for every new employee, at least with just a few specific words.

If your internal platform allows you this possibility, it would be advisable to include the new employee's picture.

Example of a “welcome aboard” message on a company’s internal feed by Asana
Source: Asana

That will stop other team members from guessing who the new face in the office is and enable them to introduce themselves if they encounter each other in the lunchroom or hallway.

If you post welcome messages on your internal communication platform, you can also encourage likes, comments, and congratulations.

But unlike public social media posts, only team members can share their congratulations in the comments, thus helping the new hires get a first impression of who the peers they will be closely working with are.

A Welcome Message on Slack

Many companies nowadays are using Slack to communicate because it is easy and convenient.

As everybody in the company is already there, it’s a great idea to utilize all the advantages Slack offers to send a welcome message to your new employee.

You will be able to do it in a somewhat more casual tone and share a few facts about their accomplishments and interests without going into too much detail.

And while doing so, you can liven up your message by using the magic of emojis. The rest of the team will quickly pitch in to welcome the newcomer with a ton of exciting emoticons.

Example of a welcome message on Slack
Source: Slack

You can, of course, have a special channel assigned only to your new hires, as you can see in the example above. That way, besides welcoming them, you will have the chance to give them the necessary onboarding materials.

But as Slack is a communication platform, why not make the most of it and give your newbie a proper welcome from everyone on the team.

A Welcome Message From Their Work Buddy

On their first day, new employees often feel they are put in the spotlight and need to present themselves in the best possible light.

This rather stressful situation can easily be bypassed with a welcome message from their work buddy.

As we already discussed in the previous article, a work buddy is a colleague of a similar age and rank designated to the new employees to help them during the onboarding.

The example from Buffer takes this part to a whole new level by offering recruits not one, but three buddies to help them along the way.

Example of a welcome message from their work buddy by Buffer
Source: Buffer

Friendly, funny, and warm at the same time and sent to the new hires prior to their first day, this welcome message will leave the new employees enthusiastic about the company that takes such good care of their staff.

With a welcome message like that and the guaranteed help from three pairs of helping hands, there is no doubt that the new employee will hit the ground running in no time.

A Video Welcome Message

Welcoming your new employees and conveying important facts about your company to them can be hard to do when you only have a few written lines at your disposal.

So why not reap the benefits of modern digital tools such as video to share your excitement and culture with your new hires?

Videos ate a great way to impress the new employees on the first day and impart on them the company’s culture, mission, and vision, especially if they are being welcomed by the CEO—as in this video from Pioneer Human Services.

When the CEO addresses how the company contributes to the community, she testifies to the company’s culture and principles, inviting the new employee to develop the same values and beliefs.

A professionally filmed welcome video like this can be great in expressing what the company is all about, what sets it apart, its future goals, and what kind of contribution the new employee can make.

This will definitely greatly benefit the new employee from the start.

A Welcome on Your Company’s Website

Some companies go to great lengths to announce the arrival of a new employee on their corporate website.

This is especially effective if they will be working in more client-facing positions, such as real estate or marketing.

If the clients or customers are informed about the new employee they will soon conduct their business with, the new hire’s transition into the new role will be much easier, as the clients will be more welcoming.

The example below paints an excellent picture of how you can structure such an announcement on your web page.

Example of a welcome on your company’s website by Professional Project Partners
Source: Professional Project Partners

By including a nice picture taken outside the office environment, accompanied by tidbits about the newcomer’s previous career, you can present the new employee in a friendly, easy-going, yet professional manner.

The only problem with this kind of announcement is that it can quickly become outdated. Soon a new employee will not be a newbie anymore, so it is good to keep that in mind and notify a web admin about possible future updates.

All in all, this kind of welcoming can be a great way to make sure that your working relationship begins on a positive note and can make your new employee feel special from the start.


In this post, we’ve gathered 15 inspirational welcoming messages that you can use to welcome your new employees and set the stage for their future adventures in your company.

Some are more formal, others more friendly in nature, but all of them aim to motivate the new employee and relieve the stress of starting out at a new job.

Whichever you choose as the best approach for welcoming on board, you’re sure to leave a lasting positive first impression on your new talents.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of sending a welcome message to new employees?
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Sending a warm welcome message to new employees helps them feel appreciated, comfortable, and welcomed from their first day. It can also build motivation and confidence in them to start working for the company on a positive note.
What could a friendly welcome message to new employees include?
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A friendly welcome message could include a warm tone and copy, might contain emojis or gifs, and also photos from the last team building event. The aim is to create an enthusiastic environment about the job from the start.
What is the significance of a welcome message from a manager or CEO?
Expand Button
A welcome message from a manager or CEO can significantly reduce the first-day anxiety of a new employee. It illustrates the company’s preparedness for their arrival and paints a picture of what they can expect on their first day, making them feel more comfortable and stress-free.
How could a welcome message on social media be beneficial for a new employee?
Expand Button
A welcome message on social media helps new employees feel special from their first day. It can get even more creative with pictures, fun facts about the new hire or their biggest accomplishments. It also opens the door for comments, congratulations, and welcome wishes.
What is the role of a welcome message that encourages growth?
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A welcome message that encourages growth speaks more of the company’s values and principles, inspiring professional growth from the start. It highlights the company's expectations and levels of risk involvement while speaking to the new hires' intrinsic motivation to strive for excellence.

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