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1. Capture

Start capturing workflows or any step-by-step process that is web-based.

2. Customize

Automatically capture screenshots and the actions. Edit each step, reorder them or add descriptions.

3. Share

Easily share your guides with anyone. Send a URL or publish your guides to a knowledge base.

Spend less time explaining

Instantly capture your screen

Easily explain processes like new hire onboarding, customer training, SOPs, and new feature rollouts.

Create your first guide

Tired of writing and rewriting best practices? Sick of taking screenshots? Turn any workflow into a step-by-step guide without manual hassle.

Document processes 10X faster

Eliminate manual tasks

Archbee automatically transforms your knowledge into documentation. Click "Start Recording", add annotations, and customize the steps.

Automate workflow documentation

Archbee generates an interactive screenshot and text description for each step, ready to be shared with the click of a button.

Share your knowledge effortlessly

Easily share with teammates and customers. Invite team members to contribute and ask questions.

Generate guides for any process.

Archbee makes it easy to document and share any processes with clients or your team: accounting, sales, or customer success.

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