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Summarize, shorten, tighten, set a tone, rewrite until it's perfect — get documentation done up to 50% faster with our AI-powered Write Assist.
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Mix and match content types, drag & drop to organize to give users the easiest reading experience.
Write with your team in realtime or review and merge.

Comment on content and structured APIs.

Watch content as it changes and provide feedback.

Publish, share and secure knowledge

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Choose from plenty templates & and further customize the look and feel with Custom CSS.
The fastest way from user question to answer.

Use our App Widget in your app with our JavaScript SDK or React Component.
Authenticate users, on your own terms.

Use passwords, magic links, guest accounts, wildcard email domains, JWT tokens and more.

All provided by our platform.

Answer questions instantly with AI powered by your documentation

Onboard, guide and support users—without the massive customer support headcount.

Scale without breaking the bank.
Answer developer questions instantly, and onboard them faster into your product, API or SDK.

Most developers will not read marketing fluff, not get into sales calls.

But they will ask questions on your developer documentation portal.
Answer billing questions accurately and instantly.

Never skip a beat with automated question answering.

Skip the pain of losing users after delayed answers.
Provide the support you've always dreamed of for your open source library or SDK, in a scalable way.

Enable developers to instantly receive answers to their questions so they can use and even contribute.

Have a good night sleep knowing all questions will get answered anytime, anywhere on the planet.

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Feature Comparison



Write and Publish documentation
API Documentation
Full customization with Custom CSS or JavaScript
Enhanced Search and Search Analytics
Reusable Content
Publish multiple portals without aditional cost
Staging Environment on all plans
Unlimited documentation versions
Direct Github integration
Modern editor with markdown shortcuts and 30+ custom blocks
Dynamic Links between knowledge base articles
Code Editor block with multiple tabs, drag & drop
Standalone app for Mac, Windows and Linux

Archbee vs. Readme: What's right for me?

Great question! We think we’re pretty great, but here’s an honest answer from Joe Pettersson - CTO @

We've moved to Archbee from ReadMe recently due to constraints in ReadMe's product and the challenges of scaling it commercially in our model. The big challenges were inherent to how usage scales in their platform.

For example, they see a 'project' as one single set of cohesive documentation and build a UX/UI to facilitate that. It means you need multiple projects for multiple documentation projects. In simple terms, everything in a project is intended to be 'one thing.'

Projects are so distinct and separated that they are hard to maintain at scale (lots of repetition, no setting, or customization sharing). And, if you need the full customization options, you must pay $400 a month for each project.

This is unique to our model, but it's why we've left. Archbee has some (not all) of the same limitations, but they don't charge us $400 a month for each project!

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