Learn how Altrata uses Archbee for API documentation and saves plenty of time while not building a documentation platform internally.

What is Altrata?

The Altrata vision is to become the trusted gold standard for global people intelligence. The Archbee documentation will be used to show customers how to interact with five GraphQL APIs, a Salesforce plugin, a data feed, and a website. To migrate the legacy API Documentation from a company called Wealth Engine to a more modern platform.

What was the problem you were facing before Archbee?

Time was the primary motivator for using Archbee. We have aggressive timelines and building our own API documentation solution would take resources from our UI teams which are building our core website for customers. We felt it was more appropriate to purchase a solution from a company which specialized in this domain rather than distract ourselves building it internally

Why Archbee over the alternatives?

We assessed but did not like its usability or it’s GraphQL support which was poor. We were impressed with the Shopify API Documentation, but these appear to be custom-built and not using a platform like Archbee. We liked the ability to host multiple domains, SSO support, and have multiple spaces.

What are some results you have seen?

We haven’t launched yet, but progress is good, and I have no substantial issues with the documenters.

Florida, 2012

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