Learn how Kindroid uses Archbee for in-app user guides for mobile apps.

What is Beautifully Incorporated​?

We develop and provide an AI companion app called Kindroid, built upon our own custom models and infrastructure.

What was the problem you were facing before Archbee?

We were looking to create an in-app User guide for our Kindroid AI (app) user base.

Why Archbee over the alternatives?

Based on our initial research and need to find something quick to implement, your service appeared to be easy to use and integrate with our current platform.

What are some results you have seen?

The AI function (question answering) has been tricky to setup, but eventually we saw some great benefits, including reduced customer support tickets.

The platform has been very easy to use and provides us what we need for the time being.

Los Angeles, 2023

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