Learn how Medshift uses Archbee as a knowledgebase with stating and user friendly interface for their users.

What is MedShift?

MedShift is a technology company on a mission to transform the way you do business through human-centric innovations and solutions. We help manufacturers and healthcare providers connect the dots to modern solutions that power possibility and drive rapid growth.

What was the problem you were facing before Archbee?

Our problem before finding Archbee was finding a knowledge base staging platform that was user-friendly to the masses by having an integrated TOC as well as a streamlined search function.

Why Archbee over the alternatives?

We chose Archbee for its simple block-building setup along with other various QOL additions such as the integrated search bar and TOC, team access, appearance configuration, domain bridging, and verification system.

What are some results you have seen?

We have found that although Archbee development began in our department, other departments in our company have found it to be a better alternative to legacy knowledge-base platforms we have used in the past after demonstrating its abilities in meetings. We have also had very positive feedback from our tenants in regards to the ease of access to information that Archbee stages.

Charlotte, 2015

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