Learn how Digitail uses Archbee for API documentation for veterinary clinics who need integration.

What is Digitail​?

Digitail is an all-in-one software for veterinary clinics

What was the problem you were facing before Archbee?

Our Public API integrators found our documentation hard to follow and were asking a lot of questions that already had the answers written down.

Why Archbee over the alternatives?

A couple of reasons, listing them in the order of importance:
- AI solution that could answer the most basic questions from the docs -- the questions I was referring at above
- Beautiful and easy-to-understand UI
- Ease of use -> simple to update the docs & to navigate around the app
- Possibility of not integrating only API Docs but rather other documentations as well (we're already using it for more than just the API! )

What are some results you have seen?

The first impression that an API gives is through its documentation. We've found that the general opinion on our docs improved a ton and people see that we not only have a robust architecture but an easy to follow integration as well. Also, the ability to add multiple pages apart from the endpoints themselves helped a lot in making people switch to our OAuth 2.0 Authentication Flow, which they found scary before. Also, our support time has reduced a lot, most simple questions can be answered by the assistant and what reaches our team in the end is more relevant and targeted problems.

Palo Alto, 2018

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