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Answer team questions instantly in Slack.

How does it work?

Your documentation becomes the ground truth for LLM / Generative AI to answer questions instantly and accurately.

Using our integration for Slack, your team can ask questions and get answers in natural language about anything that has been previously documented.

Login and activate the integration here:

Available commands:

- /archbee [keywords]:  We will search deep within Archbee documents for your keywords

- /archbee ai [question]:  Our Generative AI will answer your question based on the knowledge in your Archbee documents.

- /archbee subscribe: We will send team events from within Archbee on the current channel: user invited to archbee, user moved document to another space, user deleted document, user shared/unshared a space

- /archbee unsubscribe: We will stop sending team events on the current channel from Archbee.

Disclaimer: Even though your documents are used as the context for the answers you can get from the AI LLMs, the answers can still contain mistakes. Consider checking important information. We use Microsoft Azure OpenAI service as an LLM.