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Great documentation is a growth asset

Speed up user onboarding, improve ongoing support, and guide your prospects on using your product by generating rich, interactive technical and non-technical documentation.

Customize, format, and organize your information, host it on your domain and forget about managing infrastructure.
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"We needed to create technical documentation and were looking for a fast, and easy to use platform"
Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at
"Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable and I'm a developer, so you know that's saying something"
Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director
"Once we started scaling, things got tough and we needed a modern solution for knowledge documentation"
Alex Circei, Founder & CEO
"The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a team wiki"
Delphine Marceau, Head of Customer Care

Write it down together

Allow your teams to collaborate seamlessly to create and publish relevant documentation based on customer needs.

Capture, import, and update product knowledge from across your company, keeping everyone on the same page: providing more useful support resources and a frictionless writing experience.
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Speed up user and developer onboarding

Create a single source of truth for everything from automatically generated API references to code guidelines and product overviews.

Never go out of sync again on public or internal docs by using an easy-to-use, powerful tool for documentation writing on the fly – the perfect external documentation alternative for devs or writers.
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