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Archbee addresses many of ClickHelp's issues
including app interface, editor experience, roadmap and pricing!
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How is Archbee comparing with ClickHelp?

Archbee is a documentation platform that builds features fast for teams to write technical documentation.
We’ll compare Archbee vs. ClickHelp and give you the info you need to decide.

Feature Comparison



Write and Publish documentation
Internal + External Knowledge Base
Full customization with Custom CSS or JavaScript
Enhanced Search and Search Analytics
Publish multiple knowledge bases without aditional cost
Direct Github integration
Modern editor with markdown shortcuts and 20+ custom blocks
Dynamic Links between articles
Code Editor block with multiple tabs, drag & drop
Native OpenAPI import & Sync
API Endpoint custom block to describe non-standard APIs
Standalon app for Mac, Windows and Linux

Powerful block based editor.

Archbee's editor has 20+ custom blocks including integrations to embed tools like: Figma, Loom, Airtable, GDocs and more.

Built for technical documention.

If you need to share onboard clients and share implementation docs with code blocks, API references, Archbee is built for you.

Publish multiple knowledge bases.

Publishing knowledge bases for multi-products doesn't have to cost you more. Each Archbee Space can be published on individual URLs.

Write the docs, set your domain and hit PUBLISH

Once your content is ready, all you do is hit publish. We make it easy to setup branded docs on your domain — with all the bells and whistles.

No more fiddling with markdown, git workflows, CI/CD pipelines, and servers for user-friendly and great-looking docs!
See live portals powered by Archbee
Product documentation Sites

Selling to developers? Probably not the way you think.

Developers don't "jump" on demos or sales calls. Let them educate themselves on product and they'll sell the product for you internally.

We provide you with the tools to onboard and activate them in your product with no human interaction.
Developer and API Docs

Our incredibly featured editor will make it easy to create the content

Block-based speedy editor with over 30+ custom blocks and 25 embeds and integrations available.

Not only that, but it's incredibly easy for your entire team to collaborate on creating the content.
Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base

"We needed to create technical documentation

and were looking for a fast, and easy to use platform.

Not only did Archbee fit the bill with its intuitive interface, authoring and versioning, it also allowed us to share externally with our customers.
With new features being added, it keeps getting better!"

Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at

Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable

and I'm a developer, so you know that's saying something.

At WickCreative, the documentation we create for our customers gives us the edge.

With Archbee, it's really easy to create and share docs with your team and customers."

Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director

Archbee is fast and integrates with our tools

With just a couple of people in our team, we kept everything undocumented.

Once we started scaling headcount, things got tough and we needed a modern solution for knowledge documentation.

A great tool to build a world-class distributed team."

Alex Circei, Founder and CEO

We use it as a knowledge base for our customer care team.

Archbee is a very flexible documentation tool.

The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a team wiki.

Plus the team always releases new features and addons!"

Delphine Marceau, Customer Care Head

Integrate with all the tools your team is already using

We pack a punch, but we also integrate with 25+ other popular software...

Why pick our Archbee?

That comes with 0 unplanned downtime in the past 8 months
500+ happy customers
We help you easily create and share documentation.
Over 100K docs created
That comes with over 2M document edits.
100 millisecond and lower
Is the average response time our system provides.
1.4 average deploys / week
We move so fast we have to generate version numbers.
360+ hosted docs sites is hosted by us. No sweat!
Integrated with 25+ apps
We love other software. We don't try to replace everything.
45 minutes avg
response time
We love to talk to customers! Bots are not our thing.

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