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Why go with
Archbee vs. Notion?

Notion is a tool focused individual & team docs & tasks.
Archbee is B2B-only software focusing on documentation. 
We try to help you with product, developer and API docs!
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How is Archbee comparing with Notion?

Archbee and Notion are both great platforms each with its own features & philosophy. But which one is right for you?
We’ll compare the two and give you the info you need to decide.

Feature Comparison



Write and Publish documentation
Internal + External Knowledge Base
Github integration
Full customization with Custom CSS or JavaScript
Contextual documentation widget
Host on a custom domain without third party tools
Powerful Code Editor block with multiple tabs, drag & drop
Add product updates with the Changelog block
Create diagrams without third party tools
Export all content to Markdown
Standalone app for Mac, Windows and Linux

A support team that's here for you.

No technical headaches, no waiting for support, just a beautiful all-in-one documentation platform you can rely on to run your business.

Documention under one roof.

Archbee lets you setup internal and customer facing docs. Start your employee handbook, add your SMEs to verify documents and more.

Import feature to add Notion files.

Need help moving your docs to Archbee? We provide an import feature from Notion to migrate your content.

"I use Archbee to host the site’s documentation as well as to maintain internal documents. This tool really help me stay organized. Think of this as Notion in steroids."
Jesus Vazquez, Founder at stitchedon.com
"It has been very comparable to Notion. Many of my works require diagrams, and it has a Mermaid editor so I can produce diagrams, Gantt charts, which makes my life considerably easier."
Adil Ahmad
"We needed to create technical documentation and were looking for a fast, and easy to use platform"
Greg Soltys, docuflow Product Manager at
"Archbee makes building our docs enjoyable and I'm a developer, so you know that's saying something"
Scott Wickberg, Owner & Creative Director
"Once we started scaling, things got tough and we needed a modern solution for knowledge documentation"
Alex Circei, Founder & CEO
"The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has everything we would expect from a team wiki"
Delphine Marceau, Head of Customer Care

Write the docs, set your domain and hit PUBLISH

Once your content is ready, all you do is hit publish. We make it easy to setup branded docs on your domain — with all the bells and whistles.

No more fiddling with markdown, git workflows, CI/CD pipelines, and servers for user-friendly and great-looking docs!
See live portals powered by Archbee
Product documentation Sites

Selling to developers? Probably not the way you think.

Developers don't "jump" on demos or sales calls. Let them educate themselves on product and they'll sell the product for you internally.

We provide you with the tools to onboard and activate them in your product with no human interaction.
Developer and API Docs

Our incredibly featured editor will make it easy to create the content

Block-based speedy editor with over 30+ custom blocks and 25 embeds and integrations available.

Not only that, but it's incredibly easy for your entire team to collaborate on creating the content.
Internal Wiki and Knowledge Base

Effortless content editing + collaboration

Information is more than just plain text.

Archbee's document editor allows you to create and structure your content effortlessly with the flexibility of custom blocks and the simplicity of Markdown syntax.

Utilize a any of the 30+ custom blocks, such as lists, checklists, tables, callouts, minitasks, files, images, videos, maps, multilanguage code editors, diagrams, Mermaid.js, API endpoints, Swagger/Open API, GraphQL, changelogs, HTML iframes, to enhance your team's ability to communicate effectively.
20+ Custom Blocks
Easy document collaboration with inline comments.

This is knowledge management on steroids to help your team learn to communicate asynchronously.

This is how you build an efficient, resilient & remote-ready team.
Inline Comments
We went far beyond the basic editing experience.

Archbee is a complete documentation workspace for your team!

Link docs, mention people to keep knowledge up to date and close by.
Link Reference and Person Mentions
Each keystroke is a sub 15 millisecond process time.

One of the easiest as well, no training required. It's the fastest way build up your company's knowledge.

Use markdown shortcuts or just point and click to format for great readability.
Markdown Shortcuts and editing

Say goodbye to the slow & clunky

Organize your documents in Spaces. These can be your departments, projects or groups of people.

Each Space is a tree structure with infinite opportunities to capture and store your knowledge.
Drag and Drop To Organize Content
Keep information at your fingertips with Archbee's custom algorithm for search.

Complete visibility on every search query and feedback analytics for each document.

Learn how often a query is searched for and how many documents appear in the search results.
Flexible and Powerful Docs Search
Documents have a huge lifetime, and many people contribute.

With Archbee you get to see its history all the way back, highlight the changes and revert if the need arises.
Document revert and Infinite history
Keep the knowledge base private or make it public on your domain, but that's not all.

A plethora of access control settings can be set, for either your team or your customers.
Access Control for the Team
Knowledge management is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

Keep information linked so people can quickly read through all your workspace.

Great for onboarding, great for building a great team.
Knowledge Graph

Integrate with all the tools your team is already using

We pack a punch, but we also integrate with 25+ other popular software

Archbee vs. Notion: What's right for me?

Compared with Notion, Archbee is cheaper, and it is built for developers to make their lives easier. On the other hand, Notion is a tries to be an all in one app, for any department in a organization.

Having a custom domain on Notion will require a third-party tool like super or hostnotion, while Archbee has hosted collection built-in. It takes 5 minutes to build a website with Archbee, customize it, and brand it.

Since Archbee is built for software and software and product teams, you can add multiple products or even product versions to your docs site.

Also, if you work with APIs, Archbee has integrations with Swagger and GraphQL, making it easy to build developer & API docs.

How to choose between Archbee vs. Notion

In this post, we looked at Archbee vs. Gitbook vs. Readme vs. Confluence vs. Notion to determine which tool is the best for use cases as an internal wiki or developer documentation.

Each Archbee alternative has its core strengths and weaknesses. No tool will have all the features you need, so the best action is to look at what is a deal-breaker for your situation and look for those features when you pick a tool.

Archbee is a unified platform built for software engineers but where non-techies can work as well due to its easy-to-use interface and editing experience.

The cost will always be an essential factor, but the devil is in the details, and picking the cheapest one is not always the best move for your budget.

To conclude, it is recommended to test any of these tools with a Free Trial or Freemium account for testing the features, and if you need a tool to work out of the box for the internal wiki and as a documentation site, give Archbee a try. It has everything you need to get your team in one place.

Start using the best Notion alternative for product docs