Product Updates

Check out our product updates. We share what and why we've built :)

Archbee June 2024 Product Updates

Chrome Extension V2, more external sources for AI, space group settings and more...

Archbee May 2024 Product Updates

Two-way sync to GitHub, redesigned Chrome Extension, backup via API call, import OpenAPI history

Archbee April 2024 Product Updates

Slack app v2, SAML/SSO as Access Control for shared/published spaces, A new endpoint in our Public API to sync OpenAPI spec files, App Widget gets a UI launcher.

Archbee March 2024 Updates

Landing page, AI external sources, publish using API, JWT access JWKS

Archbee February 2024 Updates

Space Groups, New AI model & pricing, Multiplayer (beta), OpenAPI improvements

Archbee January 2024 Updates

Ask AI word streaming, Improved Reviews & Drafts, Improved Search, SCIM for SAML

Archbee November 2023 Updates

App Widget, AI SEO descriptions, Redesigned Code Editors, Code Drawers & Open API

Archbee October 2023 Product Updates

Review System, Doc-level Write Assist, Better GitHub integration

Changelog: June 2019 To March 2020

Changelog: June 2019 To March 2020

Grammarly Integration

Grammarly Integration

Custom JavaScript

Custom JavaScript

Embed Google Docs, Sheets And Slides

Embed Google Docs, Sheets And Slides

Loom Integration

Loom Integration

Iframe Embeds

Iframe Embeds

Easter Product Update!

Swagger, GraphiQL, docspace events, chat system for support, upvoting and roadmap

May Product Update

markdown shortcuts, certificate generation, faster loading times, embed integrations, iframes

June 9 Product Update

logo removal, dns propagation status

Better Public Docspaces

Better Public Docspaces

Doc Categories

Doc Categories

Native Mermaid Diagrams

Native Mermaid Diagrams

Improved Table Of Contents

Improved Table Of Contents

Native Apps Are HERE!

Native Apps, MacOS App, Windows App, Linux App

Emojis Everywhere


Inline Document Comments!

Inline Document Comments

App Goes To App.Archbee.Io

App Goes To App.Archbee.Io

New Layout & UI

New Layout & UI

JIRA Integration Is Here

Jira Integration

Workspace Export

Workspace Export

New Code Editor & New API Docs

Code editor block, OpenAPI block

Custom Documentation Sites!

Custom Documentation Sites

#1 On ProductHunt, Workspace-Level Domains, Publish-Mode!

#1 On ProductHunt, Workspace-Level Domains, Publish-Mode!

Darth Mode... Oups, I Mean Dark Mode

Dark Mode, Public docs dark mode

Search Analytics & Improved Search

Search Analytics, Improved Search

Doc Backlinks & The Knowledge Graph

Doc Backlinks, Knowledge Graph

Improved SEO Controls

Improved SEO Controls

50+ Improvements

custom landing page, download invoices, user management, improved search

Collection Snapshots

Collection Snapshots

Product Docs Site Templates, Stripey Template Beta

Public docs, public portal, docs portal

The GitHub App (Beta) Is Here!

Github App, Github Integration, Github Sync

Massive August Product Update!

Multi product, Multi version, Doc sites, Stripey Template, Vertical split, Link blocks, Import from Gitbook, Import from Notion, Import multiple markdown

Native OpenAPI

Native OpenAPI, Public API, OpenAPI import, Swagger Import, OpenAPI builder

Document Verifications

Document Verifications

The Booklet Template And PDF Rendering

Booklet Template, PDF download, PDF render, PDF converter

Documentation Widget

Documentation Widget, Contextual Widget, Contextual Documentation

>> Expandable Headings

Expandable Headings

Authenticate Your Customers With Magic Links

Magin Link, Authentication

Our GitHub And JIRA Integrations Are Here!!

Github Integration, Jira Integration

🇺🇦 New Publish Workflow, Spaces And More 🇺🇦

Preview, Spaces, Organisations, Code editor, Markdown converter, UI UX improvements

Reusable Variables Are Here!

Reusable Variables, Reusable Content

Introducing Content Snippets: Reusable Blocks You Can Insert Across The Documentation

Content Snippets, Reusable Content, Reusable Snippets, Content Variables, Reusable Variables

New Publish Workflow For Preview Links

preview links

MONSTER Release!

Code drawers, 3 column layout, versions, localisation

Editor Improvements: Inline Icons And Images In Lists

font awesome icons, images to lists, content layout settings

End Of Summer Product Updates

Hosting on a subfolder, Organisation Settings

What We Added, Improved Or Fixed In The Past 12 Months

Content Snippets, API endpoint, Code editor, Content Variables, Drag and Drop, SEO, Space Links

Archbee December 2022 Product Updates

Draft docs, Hidden docs, Search improvements

Archbee January 2023 Product Updates

Editor V2, Freemium, Starter plan, Github integration, New markdown directives

Archbee February 2023 Product Updates

New editor, zapier integration, export space to markdown, logout from all devices, github integration

Archbee New Integrations - Draw.Io & Math Equations(Tex, Katex, Latex) Integration, Math Equations (tex, katex, latex)

Archbee March 2023 Product Updates

Archbee Chrome Extension, Zendesk Integration, Intercom Integration, Workflow block, API drag&drop

Archbee April 2023 Product Updates

Try It! API calls, User Management improvements, Language change for API

Archbee May 2023 Product Updates

Search updates, Comments updates, Content Snippets, Multi-level drag&drop, Soc 2

Archbee June 2023 Product Updates

AI-Generated Summaries, New Landing Page template, New Space Settings, Fixes.

Archbee September 2023 Product Update

Better answers with Shadow Docs, AI Q&A Analytics and more in our latest product update.

Archbee AI: Build documentation portals that answer questions with Generative AI

We’re launching a set of new features — all designed to help you write better technical content faster and ultimately answer questions instantly for your users, developers or team.